A ministry of Christ Vision Ministries Pakistan to exalt and spread the glory of Christ to all peoples of the earth.

Christ Vision Ministries Pakistan (CVMP).is a non-profit & self-supported ministry started in 2008 to reach lost people to bringing them back to flock of Lord Jesus Christ and Church planting. We are visiting to different Cities, Villages, Towns, and Areas, where we are teaching & preaching the word of God and we arrange there evangelistic Campaigns, Crusades, Seminars, Free Bible Distribution Leadership Conferences, Clothes and foods Distribution and Youth programs. God is using us with power of the Holy Spirit for proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ among gentiles. Praise the lord

Hope in Christ!

Christ Vision Ministries Pakistan Giving Hope to the Hopeless through the power of God. Praise JESUS LORD!

Our Core Values

Christ Vision Ministries Pakistan Save souls. Honor God. Imitate Christ. Nobly serve. Empower others,

CVM Vision Mission

We exist to be a light that will draw men to Jesus Christ.“You are the light of the world… Matthew 5:14

Pastoral Team & Eldership

Our Ministries is led by a pastoral team who serve as shepherds of the people, under the Lordship of Christ. The Eldership works together to guide congregational life, to discern vision, to teach and counsel, and to provide spiritual direction and care to the church ministry.

What People Say…


Man Is Sinful “All have
sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

Romans 3:23